Where are the samples

Where are the samples? halion 4 was advertised as havong 1400 sounds/patches including samples halion sonic, how can all this be on one DVD? I installed h4 and it didn’t ask for the second DVD (I didn’t install wavelab). I can’t fond content on my hdd, media can’t find any of the samples/patches. The videos focus on the flexibality of the gui, seems like hyperbole to me, enough ranting, somebody please help me get started onthis thing. I have been a cubase user since VST3.1 add bought h1,3 and 4. This thing is really convoluted,please help!!!

Idea-pad Y560p i7 2630QM 6gigs ddr3
WD 500gig 7200
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile

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