Where are the Track Control Settings (USER) kept? Pro 9.5.10 OSX

Hi Cubase Saviours!
Q: Where are the Track Control Settings (USER) kept?

I have looked online and in the operation manual But can not find references to it.
Nor can I find the one I just created and saved on my Mac - even with a search.

This is the: Width, what controls you want visible etc. on each type of track.
Sorry if it’s a dumb question but I am at a loss as to where and want to find these things top back up.

Thanks (again)

Pro 9.5.20 is out?

lol sorry A typo - but do you know where these preferences are kept?

Yes where are all the midi controls? I cannot do without them :frowning:

I mean when I want to transpose or adjust velocities. Please dont take away that kind of functionality, it’s a major step back!