Where are the Track Presets?

Hello folks
This is probably a very basic thing but I can’t figure it out.
If selecting an audio track in Cubase 9, one could then click ‘No Track Preset’ in the Inspector which would open up a box of dozens of presets.
Now doing that in Cubase 12… the box opens, but it is defiantly empty.

What am I missing?


Make sure you reset filters and update results.

Yeah, I tried that. Clicked the little Reset Filter buttons, then the Update Results button, but nothing!

Just opened up the same project in C9, opened up the Presets, and I get this…

This is what I want!
How can I get this in C12?


You could try re installing CB12. I think those files are installed
Check this folders if you have it installed on your system, just in case.

Hello Pedro
I can try checking those folders when I’m back at my PC.
I’d rather not have to reinstall C12 if possible. It’s only recently installed as it is!
Why would C9 be able to find these files but not C12? The page you link to suggests the filepaths are the same with all versions.
Could this be some issue arising from having both C12 and C9 installed simultaneously? Or some Preferences tangle?
It’s just odd!

I don´t remember seeing any information for conflicts using more then one Cubase version.
I only have 12 installed atm so i cant be much help in that regards.
Reinstalling CB12 on top of the existing one wont do any harm, so if you keep having that problem maybe its the best solution i guess.