Where are VST Plugin Manager Collections config files located on PC Win10?

I recently upgraded to Cubase 11 and I would like to migrate my VST Plugin Manager Collections. I can’t find any information on where these (and other) settings files are stored. I would like to know how to restore my v10.5 preferences, colors, vst collection all the things I had setup in 10. These are likely saved in .xml files.

Can someone tell me where? and how? and maybe were to find this information, I can’t find it in the manual. I did find it in these forum pages for cubase 8 but the files are not where it said they would be.

Please!!! Thanks

At least tell me where the vst collections are - surely Steinberg does not make up set these up for a new version.

Have a look at PluginManager.xml in the folder located per the instructions above - preferably with a program that’s decent at XML file editing (I happen to use Visual Studio Code (it’s free), but there are myriads of other competent editors).

You should be able to copy that (and other preferences files from older Cubase version folders to newer one’s)

Thanks a bunch Nico5!!!

I previously was thinking that the .pdf files were the same information as the online support files - but I did not find this in the Cubase11 .pdf - so I guess I better use the online support pages - again thanks - this is a big and good help.


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glad that was what you were looking for – and yeah - some of the good info from Steinberg isn’t always easy to find

All that work in all those configurations, those files with all that data are beautiful to me, ya know, days worth…

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