where are your presets stored osx

id like to try to back up my presets for my wavelab effects but i cant find where they are stored,
can anybody advise me

/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab 7/


Um, is this a bad idea? My understanding was that user presets should usually be kept outside the prefs folder, so that it can be freely trashed or refreshed without losing anything? I’ve seen that is happens in some programs, but is there some recommendation against it? Can the user re-orient where Wavelab defaults to keeping all this stuff? Sorry, I’m new…but since there is SO much customizable stuff in the this app, this seems like an issue.


The strategy has been to keep all things in one place, because then you have a single folder to backup or restore.

This location can also be customized in the WaveLab main preferences, if needed.