Where can i dl bit bridge from?

Hey all, i have been looking for steinbergs bit bridge download to make my 32 bit vsts work on my 64 bit cubase 5, i’ve searched steinbergs downloads and couldn’t find it, and if i type in google i just see posts of people saying how crap bit bridge is compared to jbridge… though at the moment i would like some freeware just to get me up and going again so if someone can point me to the right direction that would be great. Thanks in advance.

The bit bridge is already there.

In Cubase6x64 do the following

Load Cubase6 and locate the following menu

Devices>Plug-in Information
n the windows that opens goto the option VST 2.x Plug-in Paths

Update by adding any paths where you have installed 32bit plugins.

Commonly C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Cubase 5\VSTPlugins assuming you are using Windows7x64.

You can remove any paths that you dont use but not essential. Now press OK, close the windows ‘x’ and now close Cubase6. In my experience do not update plugin informtaion yet. CLOSE CUBASE as it will automatically scan on next update.

If there are any problems cubase may hand on the startup splash screen, leave it for a couple of minutes as sometimes they resolve if not it’s ctrl+alt+del time and force cubase to close.

Restart cubase again if the same happens close, you should be able to see what plugin is crashign the startup (if any at all). Each time it should be different as Cubase creates a ‘Blacklist’ of plugins on your system and ignores it on the next start up.

Keep going through the process until Cubase starts and hey presto all successfully bridged plugins will be there.

If there are any plugins that dont bridge (which should not be many I would hope), you may need to buy jBridge which is worth its salt and has other benefits. Some older plugins may not bridge regardless.


Hope I haven’t forgotten anything and this helps.

thanks mate, im currently going through this process, but i am using cubase 5.5.3

Ah I see…same as. Funny enough after posting I realised I hadn’t cleared my blacklist as a few newer plugins weren’t loading. Definately recommend jBridge for the money and great support. J will respond very quickly when registered and he is superb.

Glad to hear you’re in the process.

hmm ok, now im a bit confused, i can open my vst now but if i start playing some notes, it plays normal for about 2 seconds then goes crazy playing all sorts of different sounds then causes cubase to crash… i recently formatted and backed up my vst installation folders… you reckon this error is because of a bad install or because of the 32bit vst to 64bit host? im not liking this 64 bit business, also my melodyne editor plugin is 64 bit and sometimes when i load it as an audio insert a pop up comes up saying cubase is not responding and has to close down, fml… such a headache, any ideas mate?

Step 1 make sure Cubase is installed and updated
Step 2 After installing both the 32bit and 64bit Cubase program proceed to install all vst plugins from the exe files
Step 3 Load up Cubase 32 and 64

If you simply reinstalled a PC and ‘COPIED’ the vst dll files and folders it wont work. As some plugins have components installed else where on your drives.