Where can i downlaod previos version of GA5?

Latest verison is chrasing, I need to downgrade, where can i find the download please?

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Hi, I would be interested in the prev version as well. Mine also seems to have started crashing.

Groove Agent 5.1.11 has been released, which is supposed to fix the crash bugs. It is available via Steinberg Download Assistant.

You might also find updates for some of the factory content in the Updates section of Steinberg Download Assistant.

I,m going to try it out. I,m reading that GA5 with this latestt update now is working without the USB dongle.

If you have a licence for Groove Agent 5, you should be able to follow the instructions I posted here:

Absolute licences cannot be migrated to the new licensing system at this time. My expectation is that Absolute will move to Steinberg Licensing as a paid version update including the upcoming HALion 7.