Where can I download Cubase 8.5?

I am having serious issues with Cubase 9.0 freezing when trying to open a project. I want to try opening the project on Cubase 8.5 but I just got a new computer so I need to reinstall it. However the only one listed in my account is 9.0? Where do I find older versions of Cubase to download?

Hi and welcome,

Cubase Pro 8.5 Installer

Regarding your freezes, try to update your plug-ins, please.

In MySteinberg there is a section downloads! You must have a Steinberg account though!

Martin.Jirsak the second link Cubase Pro 8.5 ISO 2 is not working, can you please repost the link?

I have updated the link.

Hello from the future,
I’m looking for this is 2021


nvm found here

Cubase 8.5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

for some reason, not listed here
Cubase | Steinberg

And also, the SX3 updates won’t download
Cubase SX 3 | Steinberg

probably because the FTP is also not working