Where can I download Cubase SX3?

Where can I download Cubase SX3?m I have some old .all files I need to convert.

Still here as far as I can see…


Just note that some browsers don’t do ftp, in which case you need to use and ftp client.

also for ftp login, use
user: anonymous
password not needed.

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Direct download links are provided at the top of the project compatibility table here.

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Oh d’oh! Thank you @MrSoundman

Indeed, good find…wish I’d known about that when I searched for the link a few years ago!

I think that knowledgebase article only appeared a few months ago (probably when the revamp of the main website occurred and people realised that FTP was no longer a viable option for most due to support for the protocol being dropped from modern browsers).

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On MacOS you can use the Finder - Guest/No Password…
maybe on windows the Explorer will work the same…?

Links for Mac are also in that knowledgebase article I linked to. There’s no need to use FTP at all anymore.

That’s right. But sometimes it’s interesting to poke around on the FTP site…: :wink:

Explorer indeed works the same… :grinning: