Where can I download old Cubase software?

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I want to know if and how I can download Cubase 5. I bought Cubase 4 and got a free upgrade to 5 a long time ago, but my C4 box is lost in an attic somewhere and even if I could find it, it’s not the right version. So I just want to download Cubase 5 (and possibly all the other stuff that came with it).

Oh, and if this is 100% not possible, what are my other options? There must be others with this problem. I plan on upgrading to 12 pro at some point because the upgrade price is an absolute BARGAIN (Thanks Steinberg!) but I just spent all my cash on my new 13th gen i9 z790 studio PC, so it’s C5 for the now. And I may need it to upgrade to 12, anyway. I’ve been away from Cubase since my old PC went down a couple of years back, been laptopping it with FL Studio and others, but I REALLY miss my Cubase, so it’s time to get it back! I NEED it back. Please help!

(Note: There was a question asking this 5 years ago, but never received any answers)


Look for the dropdown menu for Unsupported Products

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Maybe here ?

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OH, MAN! Thanks guys. I did some Googlin’ before I posted, but all I got was BS. I didn’t think Steinberg would host them, and it didn’t come up in the Google search, which reinforced my thought. I should have just checked directly. At least it’s here as a resource for any others who jump the gun!

PS, I also like the ftp server with all the old stuff on (ftp://ftp.steinberg.de/Archives) - Very handy.
Got all the stuff I need now, took me about 2 minutes! Thank you!!