Where can I download the VST 2 version ?


I would like to use Padshop Pro with another DAW, that does not support VST 3.

I have the VST3 version working with Cubase Pro 8 which I installed a while ago. How do I download and install the VST2 version ?

I also need to download, and install Halion 5, Groove Agent 4, Portico EQ & Compressor in VST2 versions. Which are all installed in VST3 format, I use them with Cubase Pro 8 all installed a while ago, but need them in VST2 format, to use with a new DAW.

Any help/feedback would be appreciated.


Any feedback on this ?


Here you can find Halion 5 full installer and updates:


Groove agent 4 full installer and updates:


Padshop Pro full installer (in fact, the Pro version features depends only of your license):


I only found updates for Portico, so you will need to contact support.

P.S. Keep the most recent installers as a backup, so you will be able to install everything without asking for support.

Hi Makumbaria,

Thanks for the helpful download links.

I will contact Steinberg Support to provide me with the full installers for the Portico EQ & Compressor, I checked, and they do offer a VST2.4 version.

Yes, I should keep most recent installers as a backup. It always is handy to have.