Where can I find a CUBASE 7 basic tutorial


I was previously “working” with Garageband-I was actually using it like a 4 track to make demos-but yesterday purchased Cubase 7. The problem is that both the Op Manual and youtube tutorial videos seem to assume I know something Cubase already. I found what seems like a ground up course but it costs $. I also can’t find the Allen Morgan drum kits and samples which supposedly came with 7 but that is most likely because I’m looking in the wrong place.

I also posted something somewhere about being unable to remember my original user name and not being able to reregister because my email was already on file. I am having to use my girlfriend’s email address to get back on here.
Any advice is welcome. Thanks again


Cubase is going to take a while, the basics are covered in the videos. You need to sit with the manual for a while, maybe the getting started manual, get a coffee chill, and imbibe.
If you don’t know what MIDI is there are plenty of sources on the net.

If you get stuck on a particular topic post here. Be specific, it helps get the right answers


Thanks. I have ben using a MIDI keyboard and sometimes my old Boss drum machine to trigger sounds inside Garageband so that’s no problem and I know about eq and effects and did some Garageband mixes/exports to mp3 so I know about that kind of thing too. But simpler things like the ruler and markers and why the song scrolls off the screen and out of view when it is playing are stopping me from moving on. I’ll learn about mastering etc when I have something to master. I’ll go through the manual a few more times. Thanks. I know I have a long way to go but for now I’d be happy just to get a few tracks recorded.