Where can I get my hands on amazing .ADM files?

I’m looking for .ADM files to use as reference. Every other studio seems to have used Penny’s “Rocket Man” atmos mix to test out their rig after calibration. Seems like that’s where the bar is raised to and I’d like to hear where the bar is before I start charging clients but I can’t find it anywhere.
Although I’d like to find that file, it doesn’t necesaily have to be Penny’s Atmos mix of Elton John’s Rocket Man, as long as its something great enough that I can use it to see where the bar is at on our 7.1.4 PMC monitors and DAC.

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I did a fair bit of searching and everything out there is movie trailers.

That’s what I keep hearing. Any idea where those are? I’m sure they have music at least and maybe I can mute the sfx or something if need be. Still not sure about that though because the only files I’ve been able to use so far are my own. I just invested enough money to buy a new building for what this system cost and not being able to test is is costing me both money and my sanity everyday it goes untested. I’ve done this long enough and am using equipment I can trust in a room without phase issues but there’s always the risk of new issues with new technology that I might not even be aware of, so I really need to run a proper test asap.
Any chance you could inbox me a link or something?

I contacted my guy at CTi, an AV company that usually comes through for me when I need impossible to find gear. He was able to get me our studio’s Sony C800-G and get us moved to the top of the list to ensure we got one ahead of all the Sweetwater, Vintage King, and other retail customers to ensure we got ours before they ceased production. He’s been a blessing and he knows we’re a professional company so I have faith he’ll be able to get a hold of some “for professional use only” files for us, but I have a feeling that is gonna end up being a disc with copywrite protection that will prevent us from ripping it to test in Nuendo12.

Speaking of ripping, has anyone successfully ripped the ADM from a BluRay physical disc directly into Nuendo? If so, what BD-Rom are they using? I’ve read about techniques involving a specific BD-Rom that’s not actually UHD but “4K Friendly”, installing outdated firmware, and successfully ripping the disc to an MKV but I’m not sure how I’d get the .ADM file out of an MKV and I don’t think Nuendo would load an .MKV because its technically a “library” file, not actually an A/V file format.

Just to be sure: We are talking about special Blu-rays here, which actually contain ADM files? Or about (consumer) Blu-rays? Because of course they don’t contain ADM files, but usually “TrueHD with Atmos” files, which are not compatible with a DAW.

I thought there was a corresponding file for download at Dolby. But in a hurry I can’t find anything corresponding at Dolby. Possibly I have what they are looking for on one of my hard drives. I can check later if there is an ADM file with music.

Addendum: I could offer “Nature’s Fury” as ADM. This is a Dolby Atmos trailer. There is not much music. But there is a nice thunderstorm. :wink: Otherwise I have “Sollevante”. This is one of the Netflix projects.
Depending on what you need, I can certainly get something else.

I was hoping there would be a UHD BD copy of a film out there with Atmos audio in some form, in which the video and audio could be loaded into Nuendo 12 and that the it could be played back in an immersive format of some sort (any sort, really)
That way I could at least skip to the end credits and hear a couple songs in 7.1.4.
I suppose I was just using “.adm” in a generic way to sum that all up, since I was already writing so much , we’d all know what I want an .adm file for, and I knew I’d be writing it multiple times. In hindsight, probably a bad idea. Sorry for the confusion.

Anyway, any way to play immersive music that is mixed so well that it can be used as a reference point for my own work, without having to run it through a separate receiver would solve the issue

Dolby finally sent me some files but, when I checked it from my phone, it said it was empty and Im still waiting on a reply from them as to why that is.

You’d think Steinberg would be aware of this issue by now and just find some band that could use the free exposure to license them a couple songs to release as reference files. Especially considering Apple has apparently solved this issue completely by linking Apple Music with Logic and someone said Avid had such files available for free download when they first added a renderer to PT-HDX.

I thought about going with an external renderer but, after some research, it doesn’t look like that would help and Im pretty sure I’d lose the ability to mix with analog gear in Atmos (due to the 128 outs to the renderer from PCIe card over Dante).

There are test and trailer discs. But they all contain consumer Atmos tracks, which cannot be played back with Nuendo. So it seems to me that asking for an ADM file for playback with Nuendo is already the right thing to do. :grinning:

Unfortunately, Dolby does not offer a workflow to convert E-AC-3 JOC or TrueHD with Atmos back into an ADM file. (However, this is also due to the fact that the object data is clustered during encoding. Therefore, a lot of information is lost, so to speak).
In this respect, it would certainly be a good idea if there were some free templates, which e.g. Steinberg makes available. However, since this is also associated with costs, I would not be too optimistic.

As already written, I can offer you an ADM file for the Dolby Atmos “Nature’s Fury” feature trailer for starters. It is actually a PT template. But the archive also contains an ADM file with 118 objects. The trailer is very short, but it contains some music towards the end. Just let me know if you are interested in the file.

Yes, definitely. I’d like but dont NEED very long to compare for reference and it appears Im gonna have to put off taking any audio-for-film/video work until I’ve put a little more time into learning my new tools; so a trailer would definitely be worth examining.

After a long search I finally found the source where I downloaded the “Nature’s Fury ADM” -archive back then. It is part of the Dolby Atmos Post Production Learning and can be downloaded from Dolby.


Could you please do me a favor?
This conversation is through my phone and I need to download it from the control-room PC. Could you email the file or link to

Im wondering, if I navigate to the folder Dolby sent me from the computer in the control-room, perhaps it may show files rather than say its empty like it does when I try from my phone.
I dont think Dolby would take the time to send me anything at all if they weren’t gonna fulfill my request. I think they’d just deny or ignore it, so there has to be something there Im just not able to see from the phone.

Since I don’t know what files Dolby sent you and in what format, I’m afraid I can’t answer that question.
But Dolby will probably have packed the files into a ZIP or RAR archive. And at least Android smartphones can open these files natively with the built-in file browser. (And they should also display any file that is included in the archive. Even if the smartphone can’t handle ADM files, for example.)

The ZIP archive with the ADM file is comparatively large. Not every e-mail provider can handle that. Therefore I have only sent the link to your mail address.

Actually, they sent me a link to the same file-sharing service you sent. The only difference is that it said it was empty when they sent a link

Checked their file in the studio when I opened yours. There’s still says its empty

Hoooooly poop. You weren’t joking about the file sizes. I went to download all the files for the NetFlix Meridian film and I decided to grab all of the files so I could go through it and see if I can get what I need to simulate a film project coming from a client with UHD video/atmos… Its damn near 1TB!!! And that’s with is being a ZIP!!
FML. I’m gonna have to set it up to download to a spare storage drive another time or I’m going to walk in to a frozen computer that doesn’t have enough storage to run tomorrow

Has anyone discovered demo ADM BWF files with music only available to download? the Netflix files are ok but are for video projects with sound effects etc.
Thanks - Dave

Nope. You need to get them from the labels that own them and that’s not easy because you’re probably looking for big name hits, like I was.

The fact that Steinberg hasn’t realized they need to incorporate a way to bring streaming services into Nuendo/Cubase Pro… its almost like they’re TRYING to push people toward Logic.
Apple is always YEARS behind their competitors on everything (little fun software features to entertain teenaged girls don’t count), so for them to be so far ahead of Steinberg on this, especially with Steinberg having a head-start, is ridiculous.

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What do you want to use this file for? What purpose should it serve?

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Could you also please send me the link? I’m just a consumer but I’m also interested in finding out more details behind Dolby Atmos.

Which link exactly do you mean?

Sorry, I misread your posts. I thought there’s two resources when actually there is only one, the one available through Dolby.

If you want to learn more about Dolby Atmos, I recommend Dolby’s training courses.

Sorry only just seen these replies.
I just wanted to see and experiment with some demo files to see what is capable.
Discovered there are actually a couple of templates bundled with Logic