Where can I reset all "do not ask again" questions ?

I was using VariAudio which normally prompts you to make a “New Version” or “Apply changes” if the audio you are editing appears multiple times throughout the project/song.

BUT I ticked “Do not ask me again” once accidentally and now it’s set to “Apply changes” to all audio events, which I don’t want.

Please tell me where I can reset it so that I can have the warning again and choose what option I want each time…

n.b - I have looked in Preferences and found under VariAudio it does say “Inhibit warning…” which I have unticked but nothing has changed.

Thank you! It will make editing multiple vocal parts SO much easier when this is solved.


How about Prefs>editing>Audio> “on processing shared clips”

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I appreciate that Steve! You have no idea how annoying that was getting :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile:

(In Cubase 6, it is even worse… but I think it is a bug, that, for VariAudio, that message keeps coming back for every new note that you edit (at least it doesn’t behave that way in Cubase 5).

(Where’s the bug report?)

I don’t know if there is an official bug report about it yet, but it should work as follows (and does everywhere else in Cubase)…
If an audio clip is used more than once, and you start to edit one of its instances, if you have the appropriate option enabled in Preferences, an alert appears, asking if you wish the edit to happen on all instances, or to create a new, independent audio file. If you reply the latter, a copy of that clip is created and written to disk, so that it is no longer a “duplicate” of any other clip inside Cubase. Therefore, you can now continue working on that newly-created file as much as you want (unless you eventually make a duplicate of that clip :wink: )
However, in Cubase 6, and (as far as I can tell) only when working with VariAudio, all goes well for the first note that you edit, but, as soon as you try to edit another note, the message reappears (even though it has already done its work, and there is no longer any “duplicate” clip). It doesn’t matter which option you choose, to dismiss the alert, no further copy will in fact be made (because unnecessary anyways… you haven’t even left that same Editor window yet!)… but you get that alert message coming up every time you try to manipulate a note inside VariAudio! At least Cubase 5 doesn’t do that!

There’s a great bug report right there…