Where can I sell my Steinberg products/licenses?

I have (2) dongles/USB license sticks that I am no longer using and am willing to sell.

Where would I advertise for this? Once I sell the licenses, I would transfer from me to the buyer, correct?

thank you

The best way to get the info you need is checking out the Steinberg Resale Wizard

Thank you…I’m not sure how I should proceed now that I’ve the eLicenser CC.

One eLicenser has 3 Apps on it (eLicenser registered)
One eLicenser has 0 apps on it (eLicenser registered)

would I remove all licenses? then sell the eLicenser(s)?

I don’t believe I want to copy any data from one eLicenser to another.

The instructions assume I know what I want to do, and I do not at this point.

Thank you

The wizzard is absolutely clear about what to do:
When selling a Steinberg Software Product (Cubase e.g.) that is copy protected (which they are) you have to transfer the license to a n empty USb Licenser and INCLUDE that in your offer (“Selling package”). Don’t forget to make sure the product is registered at Steinberg before doing so (all well described in the wizzard). Your “customer” needs the USB Licenser WITH THE correct license stored on it, otherwise his installation of the software will not work.
BR, Ernst

And… if you only want to sell an empty USB-Dongle than you just do that.
Selling a license always requires to copy it to the USB-Dongle that the buyer receives. Selling the software without the license is scam and criminal.

So the software (and license) is already on the one USb Licenser. Wouldn’t I simply unregister the USb Licenser under my name?

…at that point, I could sell the USb Licenser, correct? They’d download the software, insert the USb Licenser, register at Steinberg and be good to go?

That is exactly described in the resale wizzard.
One you have the lincense (it is never the software, but always the license) to the USB Licenser you can unregister the USB-Licenser under your name.
Then sell it.
The new owner can register it under his/her name. (Actually they SHOULD do so!).
Along with the USB Licenser you should also hand the install media (if you have any) to the new owner.
BR. Ernst