Where did "Auto track color mode" go...?

It’s totally missing for me. It used to be in Preferences --> Editing --> Project and Mix Console. I went to change the behavior, and the preference no longer exists! I have only check boxes in this window, no drop-down menu for the color behavior.

This is in 7.5.30. There is no mention in the version history that this preference has been deleted…

Hi meta-redundant,

Auto Track Color Mode is under “Event Display -> Tracks”. It has been there since Cubase 7.


Thanks for the reply - sure enough! The online help and the Operation Manual still say it should be found in the old location - just FYI :wink:

Hi meta-redundant,

thanks for the heads up. I’ve passed the information to our Documentation Department and they will update the manual accordingly. But, which online help do you mean?


Hi Luis - I mean the help that is available from the Preferences dialog itself, meaning what you see when you press the “Help” button in the lower left hand corner of the Preferences window.

Sorry for confusion, it doesn’t mean “online” in the internet sense - in American English we call the help bundled with the application “online help”…yes it’s confusing :wink: