Where did my measures go?

][/img]Hello to all,

I hope everyone is navigating this strange time to the best. Please see my screenshots to see my issue…

I am changing from a vocal line to a piano part in a lead sheet. In order to avoid clashes between the two parts I decided to use a clef changed transpose the piano part an octave higher. Doing so has made the following 3 measures disappear from page view (Write and Engrave Modes).

Any advice on how to either:

  • Better achieve this in Dorico as to avoid this in the future.

  • Fix this issue.

would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank You In Advance For Your Help,

There are no screenshots attached. Please try again!

Fixed! Sorry about that…


Do you have a page override on that page?

I don’t believe so, but I am not certain. Does this screenshot help answer the question?

Thank You,


No, you’ll need to post the project here. Zip it first.

Zip File Attached

End_of_the_World.dorico.zip (908 KB)

Go into Staff Spacing mode, double-click the number I’ve highlighted in green, and type in 0 Enter.
You’ve somehow dragged the staff off the page. Try to get into the habit of using Layout Options > Vertical Spacing to get the staff spacing right, then make small changes manually as needed.
If, once your Vertical Spacing settings are right, you want to move systems onto the next page, you need to use Frame Breaks. Dragging staves in Dorico will never force them onto another page.

I was confused about “I’ve highlighted” but the cue about the drag off the page helped solve the problem by adjusting the frame to show the lost stave and fixing from there. Thank you for the tip about Layout Options.

Thank You For Your Help,


I’m so sorry. I entirely forgot to add my screenshot. It should have looked like this:

Haha, no worries pianoleo, I did the same earlier. Thank you for following up, that helps me for the next time.