Where did the "Computer Hardware Studio Setup" category go?

After some deliberation, we came to the conclusion that each product category could benefit from having this as a tag, rather than centralising it in a single category here in the lounge.

You should now tag your topic with #computer-and-devices in whichever product category you’re in.

All the existing posts from the previous category have been moved here, tagged appropriately and can be found here: Topics tagged computer-and-devices

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Brilliant idea! :wink: :crazy_face:

Bad idea, sorry…
On the paper, it all seems very well, but the main issue with it is the following : where someone stumbling on an issue that doesn’t directly involves a Steinberg product (or, at the contrary, involves several of them) should start a thread about it ? In the lounge again ? Or maybe it shouldn’t even be discussed on a ‘Creativity first’ forum. Seriously… :roll_eyes:

And that’s exactly why I asked here (point #3) for an independent category, a while ago : for this kind of cases…

This is better. If a user comes to the forum looking for computers and device setup questions/answers, they can click the #computer-and-devices tag anywhere it appears and see posts with that tag from all categories, or they can narrow it down to a specific category. They can search for terms using the tag as a filter, etc.

This is a forum for Steinberg products-- even so, topics about issues that don’t involve Steinberg products have always been welcome, in the #steinberg-lounge

OK. So, just few examples, from a user (as me) with Cubase Pro, as main host :

  • I have a problem with the RME Totalmix software which controls my Fireface UCX settings and want to know how others with a similar interface deal with it.
  • I have a mics placement problem, leading to too much room reverberation in my acoustic guitar recordings, and would like advice from experienced forum users.
  • I have an issue with my setup : I need two more XLR/TRS combo inputs for my setup and would like advice about how to update it.

These all could be actual issues, experienced from a Steinberg product user (actually, I stumbled on each of them, in a more or less recent past). Where this one is supposed to post a thread about any of them, and is the Lounge being the relevent place to discuss about them ? Not sure of this, but if so, fine. To each his own…


If you’re a Cubase user, #cubase

If you’re a Cubase User #cubase, tagged #computer-and-devices

All of these can be in the Cubase category, or the Dorico, Nuendo, Wavelab, or Mobile App categories, and so on, each tagged with #computer-and-devices

Just hope that you realize that each of these three cases have nothing to do with Cubase or any other Steinberg product. Are they so irrelevent to such a forum, though ?

End of the debate, I reckon : actually, the more I use this brand new forum, the less I’m at ease with it, but let’s enjoy all this as it is now. I’m just a humble user among thousands of others, after all… :neutral_face:

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Really, if you use Cubase, any question about Cubase use is on topic in the Cubase category – no need to overthink it.

I think the question for me then is does cubic13’s question show in the Nuendo section? Because if it doesn’t, then I won’t see it there, obviously.

In other words: I might browse a section for computer hardware etc because since the codebase for both Cubase and Nuendo is the same it makes sense for me to look there for news and issues. I’m not interested in browsing Cubase sections for general news. Of course, if I go searching for an issue I’ll use an appropriate tag, but if I’m just browsing then I won’t.

So I would be worried that users miss out on input simply because something that has nothing to do with Cubase vs Nuendo ends up in a section where someone with a solution won’t ever look…

Or did I misunderstand the problem?

I think it takes some getting used to a flat structure paradigm, and it does require adaptation.

If you click #computer-and-devices you will see posts without regard to their category, which seems to answer the concern you voiced. That tag lists the exact list of the posts that were in the old computer setup subforum.

There’s also the forum search., which we didn’t have before (at any level of robustness)

But that doesn’t appear on the “front page” though. So while I can easily click my way to “Nuendo” or “Cubase” or “Steinberg Lounge” it doesn’t appear it’s now as easy to get to this section. In a way we just regressed because at least before the latest change there was a link to click to get to the section. From that standpoint it’s actually worse now.

Of course, but I don’t think people in general want to search in order to get access to a section. That doesn’t make any sense at all.

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because the code of Cubase/Nuendo is largely the same, and because Cubase and Nuendo users largely use very similar hardware, dividing it up into Cubase/Nuendo makes less sense. Please consider the following:

  • I typically bookmark the section of biggest interest to me, and in this forum it’s Nuendo (latest version). From there I move on to other sections which for me is the Steinberg Lounge and Computer Hardware. When I do this I can get tips or news from Cubase users, and I can also help Cubase users that have issues - even though I’m on Nuendo.

  • Now here’s the problem: I no longer have that easy overview. If I go into the Nuendo section I only see whatever Nuendo users have tagged as Computer-and-devices. Navigating so I can see all posts/threads with that tag is now cumbersome.

Try this: On your smartphone go to the Nuendo section. Now try to get to #computer-and-devices by just selecting links and/or dropdown menus. I can’t manage to do it on Android. Just won’t work. Before I could click on the Steinberg icon at the top of the page which took me to the top level, and from there I could go to the Lounge and Computer Hardware sections each with one additional finger-tap.

I think this is a step backwards Ben. You should give this its own section or put it back in the Steinberg Lounge or some other section. You can keep the tags anyway.

Indeed, another issue from the new way of dealing with this. Again, I see in the first ‘Steinberg forums’ page 15 categories placed in 4 rows, the last one taking a lot of place only for the ‘VST cloud’ one (with only something like 820 posts in 8 years, including the two subforums of it).

So for me, the solution is the one I put in bold in previous Mattias post. I still don’t see where is the problem in adding a second category in the last row, dedicated to all the studio / setup issues and which will probably get much more attention and posts than the ‘VST cloud’ one…

I’ll add something to what I said actually: My way of browsing as I described earlier means that I see actual announcements from Steinberg in the section that’s relevant to me. I don’t really care about announcements about Dorico, I care about Nuendo. So the “Announcements” section - again to me - isn’t really useful. There’s really no reason for me to regularly browse that section. If Steinberg has an announcement that relates to me then it would probably go in the Nuendo section.

So if there’s a need to keep it clean and have fewer sections then Announcements could probably ‘go’… In my opinion.

Or, rather than giving “computer hardware studio setup” its own section it could get folded into a big Hardware section that also contains “Steinberg Hardware” Just have computer stuff as a section separate from Steinberg products, but all under “hardware”.