Where did the Low Cut/High Cut go?

When opening the Pre section in the mixer, it do NOT show the LC/HC anymore (or Low-pass/Hi-pass filters as I say).
Have they been hidden somewhere? Hmmm :confused:
PS. Has it always been like this in C8.5.0?

I have installed the 8.5.10 update, but since then reversed back to 8.5.0โ€ฆ And another โ€œfunnyโ€ thing happen:
Now when opening a send destination it shows in the same way as in 8.5.10 :confused: :confused: :confused:
Or was this the same in 8.5.0? Hovering reveals the pre/post, On/Off, and destination selection (even the rack option settings of either show at all times or the hovering thing is in there).

I am so certain that this way of showing the sends were new to 8.5.10. Or is my mind pulling tricks on me?

PS. Can I upload pictures, or do I have to link to them (never done it on this forum)?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


There are High-Cut and Low-Cut sections in the MixConsole, in the Pre tab on my system (C8.5.10, Mac).

Yes, you can upload the image.


That is strange. In my MixConsole in the Pre tab/section, I only have Gain and Phase inv :confused: :confused: :confused:

PS. Now I wonder what can happen to my preferences when updating to 8.5.10, and then revert to 8.5.0?

I am on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (same behavior on two different systems - both went through the update/revert back procedure).


Can you try to disable preferences via Safe Start Mode, and test, if you can see High-/Low Cut then, please?

Yes I will check that out (actually my next step before thrashing my prefs).

But strange it is :confused:

No difference is Safe Start Mode.

But I like the combo of how it now shows the insert names (pre 8.5.10) and the Send name field (post 8.5.10).

Odd :confused:


Could you share a screenshot of the Pre section, please?

Pre Section.JPG
Did that work?


OK, this is definitely Cubase 8.0 view. In 8.5.10, it must be there.

I had the Filters in the Pre Section before updating to 8.5.10, but NOT after reverting to 8.5.0 (through System Restore).

But you see that the SEND section is equal to the new one in 8.5.10?


PS. I can reach the Filters from the Channel Strip within the Channel Editor, and the Eq with the knob view (but not in the slider view).

Hmmm :confused:

I would try a complete uninstall>reinstall