where did the plugin presets go?


Upgraded to 6 yesterday, great stuff… loving the new timestretch algorithms, general look and feel and so on… excellent update.

However, I don’t seem to have any presets for anything? Ampsimulator shows no presets, Reverence shows no presets… they’re all just blank menus.

I have a feeling something’s gone awry because I have Cubase 5 installed on the Mac at the same time, but if anyone can shed some light on the subject, I’d be very grateful.


Did you let MediaBay scan all relevant folders?

I did… the strange thing is that the presets are there in Media bay - but they’re not there in Reverence/VST Amp Rack etc

I trashed the preferences, moved out the Cubase 5 preference folder and restarted Cubase 6. As expected, it didn’t then import C5 preferences, and all presets popped up in the right location.

I then dragged in my keycommands, logical editor and other presets and hey presto! It works!

I’d probably advise people to do this same method if they’re having trouble, took about a minute to do.