Where do I begin to wrap my VST3 plugin in a Audio Unit wrapper


I can only find information about developers having problem with the AU wrapper, but nothing about how to actually come that far. How do you add the wrapper, where can I read about how to actually do it?

Is the information hidden somewhere? I’ve also looked at the again au example but have no clue of what to add. Is it just a CMakeLists file somewhere that needs to be edited somehow?

Thanks in advance.


I have found the small short brief documentation of the words that I should duplicate and rename everything from the again_auv3 to suit my project, but there are loads of errors when doing this.
XCode doesn’t want to insert it right into my project it seems :confused:

Where am I supposed to place the copy of the folder in my own project tree?
And how?

By the way, I’ve generated my own source code with the VST3_Project_Generator on the mac if that has something to do with all this. What ever I do the build process will not include the wrapper part.

When generating with VST3_Project_generator the auv3wrappers are not included??

For adding AUv3 have a look at this cmake file which is used here.
For adding AUv2 have a look at this cmake file which is used here.

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Hello Arne, it has been a long hair falling road for me but I finally got there!
Thank you, and I must say you and your colleagues at Steinberg are doing a great work. I’m impressed by the SDK now that I’m starting to understand all the parts and connections.