Where do I get the codecs for Cubase video from?

I am sure that you may have noticed my posts about me having issues with not being unable to use video in Cubase 6.0.7 and Nuendo 5.5 (now). The only thing that Steinberg have told me is that I need to update the Codecs in Quicktime, even though the videos work in quicktime for me though not in Cubase.
Please can someone shed the light on where they are directly located?

Many thanks

Make sure you have the latest QT version. Codecs are not a separate download (unless you need other formats.)

I had same issue with Quicktime codecs, the current version is QuickTime 7.7.2. I switched to earlier version and it worked. I believe Cubase 5 didn’t need QuickTime for video is that correct? Its been a long time since I used 5.

  1. check and see if you can open any quicktime files outside of Cubase if yes let us know this means issue maybe Cubase or video card if no go to step 2
  2. Find an earlier working version of QuickTime Pro 7.1.x or equivalent. There are people all over web complaining about current versions of QuickTime being incompatible with Win7

I am sure if you dig hard enough you will find earlier version to try. FYI uninstall current version prior to install of older versions. Please let me know what worked for you :slight_smile:

From V 5.5 Cubase uses the same Video playback engine as V6, Earlier Versions did not necessarily need Quicktime.

Make sure your videofiles aren´t bigger than 2 GB, as you are running Cubase 6 as 32 bit app. When you run the video in QT alone it runs in 64 bit and works, but inside Cubase 32 bit your limited to a max of 2 GB per file.

I just had that problem on a Mac and thought, it were a codec issue. Running Nuendo in that case in 64 bit resolved the problem.

Hope this helps.