Where do I place the GA 5 31 gig content?

I just downloaded and installed GA 5 however the installer did not install the 31 gig content which I also downloaded.

The installation manual says this:

The Steinberg Library Manager, a tool installed along with your application, opens and suggests registering the contained sound files (‘Register VST Sounds’).

Click ‘OK’ to proceed and wait for the registration to finish. Please be patient. It can take some time until all files have been registered completely.

My Library Manager does not see the 31 gig content and does not have a " Register VST Sounds " option.

Ps having the same issue on Windows. The Library manager does not ask to register the VST sounds. So I’m left with the installer successfully installed but none of the 31 gigs of content installed. The content is sitting in the downloads folder still. If someone could just tell me where I should place the sound content I would appreciate that.