where do I put free activation code for HALion Sonic SE 3?


I got email with activation code number but where do I put this number?

“free activation code for HALion Sonic SE 3”

Open your Steinberg eLicenser Control app. If it’s not already on your system you can find the latest version here: https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/technologies/elicenser.html

Enter the code there.

Note, you only need that key on a system that doesn’t have any Steinberg host that ships with SE. If you have Cubase, Dorcio, or Nuendo licensed on the system then SE is already covered and you don’t need the ‘free key’. With properly registered Steinberg hosts, you’ll also find that any HALion content that ships with those hosts will be available in HALion SE (even if running it stand alone, or in a non Steinberg host).

Use the free key on systems that don’t already have a Stienberg host that includes SE installed and registered. The free key does NOT unlock HALion content that ships with those hosts on its own. It simply registers the SE player itself. Of course you can use free content, content that comes with keys of its own which are also registered in eLicenser, or 3rd party content that is packaged to work with the free player.