Where do I setup control surface for WaveLab Pro?

I feel like such a rookie asking this but, how do I connect the controls of our hybrid console to use in WaveLab Pro 11?
I’ve been using the keyboard for transport and its just weird switching between a keyboard in WaveLab and full console controls in Nuendo.
I’ve looked all over and don’t see a “Devices” tab or anything along those lines.
The MIDI device area doesn’t have anywhere to add a HUI or Control device, so that’s not helpful.
This console needs to connect via 2 instances of Mackie Control devices


Try this…

regards S-EH

Just spent an hour doing that. The jog wheel now controls time but that’s about it. I can’t believe there’s not a HUI nor Control profile. The console typically (like in Nuendo, for example) just requires creating multiple instances of Mackie Control as though the console were multiple control devices. I can understand Solid State Logic not making a profile for WaveLab Pro but Steinberg not making Control profiles in WaveLab is ridiculous. Professional software that’s easy to use unless you want to use it in a professional environment… what a headache