Where do 'Stuck" notes originate ?

I know what “stuck” notes are, and I know that Cubase has a reset in the MIDI menu,
but I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to prevent stuck notes in the first place.
I wouldn’t be bothered if it happened occasionally (just comes with the territory)…
but in my case, I’m experiencing a really bothersome number of stuck notes.
What can be at fault?
I’m using an external module (Roland 3080), so I tried hooking up a DIFFERENT
external module instead, just to see if the problem originated with the 3080.
Nope. Still experience stuck notes even with the 2nd module substituted.

So, where do I look? Is it within Cubase? (using 5 or 6)
Would it be my sound card? (Focusrite Saffire Pro24)
My KB controller?

What are the possibilities, and what can I do?

I’m certainly not an expert on this subject but I believe that if the controller is sending a lot of information like note bends etc. the buffer can get full and the “note off” gets missed. The note then stays on or “stuck”.

I sometimes get this whenI divide a MIDI track. If there is a note right on the divide and I delete the right hand side of the track it will unintentionally lose the NOTE OFF command leaving me a “stuck note”.

I’ve also seen this with a SUSTAIN ON command which never gets it OFF.

There is an option in preferences to help with this behaviour whereby it will duplicate a control change across the divide but it won’t help if you delete the material after the division.

I guess if you quantise away from the divide point before you snip you can reduce this source of stuck notes (and I should probably do this myself!).