Where do you buy your single commercial tracks from?

That’s something I need to do, now that I’m looking at putting reference tracks in my projects instead of just listening to youtube.

I’ve heard if one isn’t part of the Mac Universe that iTunes can be a real pain … what other places do you guys use?


I actually still like going to record stores and buying CDs even though they’re dated, the media format that is.



I have NEVER bought a DOWNLOAD track in my life! I still buy my CD’s from eBay. And out of the best ones, copy them onto my walkman mp3 player.



Amazon.com has a good digital music store.

Does amazon do lossless?

I don’t really know but I don’t think so. It has been a while since I bought any digital music but I think it was all MP3 256 with no other options.

Thanks for the replies!

Yes, as near as I can tell, Amazon is MP3 only.

So, wow, I thought buying .wav or FLAC on line would be a piece of cake.

I guess I’ll have to look at iTunes after all. Or not … I’ll have to look some stuff up about them, I hear they lock up your computer, and steal your firstborn in the middle of the night, maybe just rumors though.

I still buy my CDs at local stores (and sometimes online), but I like to buy music with itunes too.

If you really want wav files, try stores like HD tracks:


But the price is higher than a regular mp3 album from Amazon or itunes.


R mp3s that are sold at places like Amazon of sufficient quality to serve as mix references?

I still buy and get CD’s as gifts. I don’t buy single tracks, if I want to listen to just one song, I typically listen to YouTube. Like I did with FM radio, recording songs to cassette for mix tapes, I’ve also recorded YouTube songs, played from my smart phone’s audio jack, into my sound card to Cubase. Music I like usually get’s put in my Sony mp3 player.

My girlfriend has a iPod Apple thing, and was getting download gift/credits or whatever…what a piece of proprietary crap and hassle jumping through hoops trying to get your own stuff into this thing. It was a monumental effort to put the song I wrote for her into this damn thing! :unamused: … she doesn’t use it really.

CDs from store, Amazon, direct from artist when available, and eBay (rarely).

Digital downloads mainly from iTunes, but occasionally from CDBaby or Amazon.

Mp3s are not reference for me, not even 320kbps versions. Anything lossless is.

It’s just the way I am. I’m sure mp3s are prefectly acceptable to some.

If you are mixing through a plugin like the Sonnox fraunhofer Pro-Codec to preview the destruction mp3 encoding creates , I would reference a mp3 to that.

iTunes or Beatport

CDs only for me. Just don’t trust MP3s at any rate and nowhere near iTunes either. Still, quite interested in this new Neil Young format https://ponomusic.force.com/

double facepalm