Where do you submit feature requests for Cubase?

Hey forum folk

I am wondering where to post FR’s since my email @ steinberg is in the sh!t bin at present (staff musn’t like me much).

Anyway, I’ve got a few things I’d like to see in some future version of cubase even though as a workhorse it’s bloody great.

Cheerio fellas

Folks seem to use the appropriate forum, which is where SB also ask for bug reports to go too. Not here, anyway.


I recall reading in the old forum that there was an idea being thrown around about having a feature request only forum.

I can see Welcome to Steinberg, which makes sense for new users (or those migrating between or considering new products) and hardware/discontinued is open to all users with a registered product, but no particular forum for feature requests.

The reason I ask is because as I have witnessed some users tend to want to pour scorn on other users who request new features for example in the product forums, so how would one be treated here?

I understand there will always be vested interests involved in this kind of endeavor, but having a separate forum for FR’s may potentially take out some of the malevolence of past displays I believe.