Where Does Bounce Selection Go......when you say No?

I have a bunch of audio events recorded in loop recording and then I chose the best ones via the comp or comparison process. I want to combine these events (say 4 or 5) into a single audio event ON ANOTHER TRACK, so that I keep the original recording untouched.

I select the audio events, choose Audio->Bounce Selection — then at the Replace Dialog, I choose ‘No’.

But…mysteriously I don’t KNOW (pun intended) if my selection was bounced, and if it is/was…WHERE is/was it bounced to?

PLEASE TELL ME…that I don’t to have to DIG in my folders/files for some file that I have to import somewhere. Come on, make my workflow EZ Cubase like your marketing crap claims

Where is it???

Audioless in Alabama

it is in the audio folder where you saved your project when you started the project

(so if you did “save as” and moved your project file to a new location it will still be located where you started your project)