?? Where does cubase store the Remote Devices I've created?

So I’m having a problem. I’ve created a remote device and if I modify it and hit apply it doesn’t save the settings. Everytime I reload cubase it’s the original remote device i’d saved from the get go. If I knew where the file was I could edit and remove the parameters I’d like then i’d think it would work, But I can’t find where it’s actually saves. Any ideas? Or any ideas why cubase it’s saving the updated setting I’ve made?

I suppose you’re talking about Generic Remotes? You have to actually export your remote for it to be saved. Strange but true.

That’s weird so what version does it actually load from? No matter what I change when I load up a project it’s back to the way it was before. IDK! A little stumped.

The Generic Remote actually has 4 pages. The pull down menu is in the middle on the right side. “VST 1-16”, “VST 17-32”, “VST 33-48” and “VST 49-64”

You may want to see the current active scene while working within Cubase by going to Devices > Generic Remote. It pops a very small window. From there you may see the current active scene.

As Steve mentioned, the settings can be exported. However, i think they are still saved internally when clicking Apply; on my end, i would test the settings first by clicking Apply then existing the GR edit page; If all is well i’ll do an export.

I could be wrong on this though (apologies Steve) because i have always used the exported XML as a backup in case of a big mistake or a major reinstall. The exported XML file and the re-IMPORT function is really a life saver…

Hope this helps… cheers!!!

Any changes made to an exported remote are not saved unless re-exported. It’s annoying and you can lose a lot of work if you forget to export additions. I’ve always exported my created remotes knowing this; if you create a remote and don’t export are changes saved?

My assumption is the setting are saved.

During edits of the controller parameters, i would usually APPLY, then exit out of the page to do testing. If all is well, only then will i export the XML file.

Sorry I’m all over the place. I’ve applied but nothing. I will be in the studio today and will test out your export method today, Crossing my fingers… :slight_smile: And thank you all for taking the time and helping with this. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. :slight_smile: MUCH LOVE!