Where does the download assistant tell you what is new and should be updated?

1.) Cubase update 11.0.30 is available
2.) open Steinberg download assistant
3.) after updating the assistant and selecting “Cubase Pro 11”, I’m shown about 30 items to install. I think most of this was already installed so I’m expecting a label like “installed on 2021-03-12”

The assistant should be able to tell me exactly what is already installed and what needs to be installed. Or am I missing something?


Good question and I agree. I went through the plugin versions for halion, groove agent etc and found that the version number for all of them was higher so it looks like we should install the new ones. I haven’t got through them all yet

I don’t want to start an expedition to compare plugin versions and find all new items … why doesn’t this digital Steinberg download assistant do this tiring work for me?

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Have to agree, it would be handy to have an ‘up to date’ indication for installed products!

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