Where does the Fine go?

Looking at the default position of the “Fine” text, compared to its “beat anchor”, it looks like I need to assign the marking to the beat duration AFTER I want to stop playing, rather than the last beat duration of the section itself.

E.g. in this example, the repeat plays until the end of the tied note, so I’ve placed the Fine on the rest after it. Is that right?

Screenshot 1.png

Yes, that’s correct. The Fine nominally goes at the end of the beat, but the end of one beat and the start of the next are more or less the same moment in time, so that Fine is attached to the beat following the start repeat barline, but knows that it has to be right-aligned with the barline. Basically, don’t worry about it, it’s all fine (pun partially intended).

Experimenting with a test score like the attachment shows that repeat marks “play” at the rhythmic position they are attached to - i.e. they happen at the “start” of the note they are attached to, not the end of it.

So your screenshot is correct.