Where has beat calculator gone?

Hey Martin,
I saw this a few weeks ago and got all excited, but i keep getting a message saying ‘no tempo change necessary!’ which obviously isn’t right cause i’ve tested it against a click thats clearly wrong. any ideas what im not doing correctly? i can confirm musical mode is off on the audio i’ve used as the event. or is it supposed to be on?..

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Martin you beautiful speciman! not quite what im used to but thats fine that’ll do me, works great.

Two things to be aware of:

  1. you set the left and locators to what it should be (or what the audio clip you’ve got selected should represent) not what it is.
  2. Unless you’re doign teh very start of the song, the next question ‘do you want to set global tempo’ the answer is no.

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If you set the Left and Right Locators to the Event Start and End Position, you should get what you are asking for. Or am I wrong?


No that would mean the tempo is correct as is (ie the clip and the selection are the same length) this is what i was missing, your selection in the arranger needs to be the expected length in bars and beats, then make sure you’ve got the clip you’re basing it off selected (you’ll have to split it unfortunately but thats ok) then to set tempo from event.

Now this is even quicker for me with the following macro. All i do is put cursor at the new end location:


This isn’t perfect though, assumes the current tempo is always too fast hence the move to the right steps. if its too slow, or waaay to fast it won’t work but ill keep working on it. need to find a nice round to bar function. maybe ple is the answer

So I’ve been experimenting and came up with a macro that suits my purposes when I’m given an instrumental with no bpm and need to align quickly:

  • make sure you adjust the start of the event for the instrumental so that the first thing you hear is the downbeat
  • Next, move the cursor to the start of what you think is the 5th bar (from the start of the instrumental, either rely on visual cues depending on the percussive elements of the song or count 4 bars worth of beats for better accuracy)
  • Execute the following custom macro:


(Approximate BPM)
Edit - Split at Cursor
Transport - Nudge -1 Frame
Edit - Select Events under Cursor
Editors - Open Sample Editor in Lower Zone
Audio - Auto-Grid


I get an approximate tempo from the sample editor that I can fine tune further. For the example, the actual instrumental was 114 BPM so it was close!

Based on the songs I deal with (4/4, 80-140bpm), this is more accurate and faster for me than relying on the tap tempo function or even using the tempo detection tool but your mileage will vary.

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Looks good! I’m interested in what audio-auto grid is?! How do I miss these things. Do you have the same issue where you have to assume it needs to be faster so you can make sure the nudge right is always relevant? I’d love to find a way to either snap/move cursor to the closest bar in either direction or better yet, not have to split the audio at either end at all: maybe a region or something like that might work

To be honest, although it takes a bit longer the audio warper method I mentioned (previous post I think) still feels like the best option but does take a bit longer.

It just needs box to type in a number, multiply that number by 60, then divide by how many seconds a Midi or Audio clip is.

Apparently this became rocket science sometime after Cubase 12