Where has beat calculator gone?

Does anyone know where the beat caluclator tool that used to live in tghe project menu has gone or what the new way of doing it is now? i do a lot of tempo matching varying and i need this all the time.

Using the search


Should find you this:

Thanks Nico, I did a couple of searches before hand and got one hit (different to this one but same solution) and thought it can’t possibly be correct because it won’t work and why take a tool out that takes up one like in a menu?

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Cubase 13.0.20 maintenance update, which includes the fix, has been released. Please, download and install the update.

Hi Martin,
I’ve installed the update but can’t see the change. No Beat Calculator under project menu?

The “tap tempo” button at the bottom has different options now which should hopefully help.


Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 19.07.27

I saw that and was hoping that wasn’t the answer. I don’t know what this is or is supposed to do. Have you tried it Martin?


Yes, I tried and it does what it says.

So for example if you choose the “Display only” option, then you can Tap the Tempo and the tempo of the project doesn’t change. It just displays the tempo. Later, you can decide whether to insert it or not.

Could they possibly make it any harder for themselves? what does ‘insert tempo event at last playback start position’ mean :rofl: seriously guys. I’ve put my cursor at a certain position in the timeline and selcted insert tempo event at cursor (even though i don’t know what this means) and nothing happens…

If you have a tempo track selected, or the master tempo track editor (ctrl-t) open, you’d see it drop into place at the cursor.

Nope. doesn’t do anything for me. tempo window open or track selected both or nothing. nothing happens. Doesn’t matter if it did really, I don’t even know what these options mean. all they had to do was reinstate the tool they already made. It’s beyond belief someone has spent anytime on this.

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Not sure what the old ‘beat calculator did’ that is supposedly missing now. I hadn’t used it enough before to notice.

As far as I can tell with this ‘tap’ thing down in the transport area, you have to ‘tap’ it a few times with mouse clicks, or with shift space bar? It’ll calculate the tempo of your clicks/taps.

All those ‘options’ regard what it’ll do with the calculated tempo based on your ‘taps’. Display it, set the main/default project tempo, put it where the cursor sits (I suppose one would use that one with the transport stopped?). Etc…

Here’s the lowdown on what all those ‘modes’ mean:
Tap Tempo Modes (steinberg.help)

It works for me. Is there a way to have it scan a wav/aif drum loop or a MIDI track/project-event and calculate the average tempo?

I think so? Options exist for calculating from a MIDI track (seems to be several, including analyzing long tracks to make a complete tempo map):
Calculate Tempo from MIDI Events Dialog (steinberg.help)

And looks like they exist for doing it from audio files or drum loops too?
Setting the Project Tempo from an Audio Loop (steinberg.help)

Tempo Detection…
Setting up Tempo Changes from Tempo Detection (steinberg.help)

Yeah so it just inserts whatever number you’ve got in the current tempo box on the transport toolbar, great :joy:. Not a solution to beat calculator at all. I’m going to make this quite simple, here is what we want (it’s not just me, there are plenty)

We make a selection in the arranger view
You ask us how many beats the selection should be
We enter in how many beats
You do the calculation and make it so from the beginning to the end of the selection.

That is all. The ‘old’ one did it fine, no one had a problem with it or asked for this, put it back


Just to clarify, we don’t want anything to do with the tap button at all (in this circumstanec)

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Please just reinstate the Tempo calculation by selection. There are probably a million Metronome apps you can tap on and get an approximate tempo. No app will be able to calculate a selection in cubase. I really dislike the way they doubled down on the mess they have made.


Here here. I can’t believe we’re still f&$king talking about it. I who do I send my invoice to? :joy:

We have lost the ability to get an approximate tempo by simply entering the number of beats within a range selection.

That is the key feature that Beat Calculator provided that the new tap feature doesn’t

That and actually inserting it to where we are (in the same process etc)


Here you go.