Where has everything gone???????

Where has everything gone???

Dorico Gone
Cubase 10.5 Gone

Check this thread. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=307&t=201966

I had the same thing happen. You’ll need to try the Recover option until it works.

Assuming you are applying a Cubase upgrade, you won’t see Dorico in that window as you can’t upgrade a Dorico licence using a Cubase upgrade.

If you are part way through upgrading and have no Cubase licence showing, keep trying the Recover function in eLicenser Control Center. You should eventually finish up with a Cubase 11 licence on your eLicenser.

Hi, My Dongle is not showing anything, Cubase 10.5 is missing,so there’s nothing to select to be able to upgrade to 11.
I press the online sync and maintenance which takes around 15 mins and then comes up with Step 1 and step 6 Failed.