Where has gone my HALion 6 after upgrade to A5 then directly to A6?

I upgraded to Absolute 5 from Halion 6, then received a voucher to upgrade to Absolute 6, which I have done.

After installation, HALION 6 is no more installed on my W10 PC in the Apps, only HALion 7.

God but my Fishman Triple Play, which is a vst loader dedicated to the usage of Fishman midi guitar system, has still HALion 6 in its presets, and each time I try to load it, it can’t find HALion 6. And freezes all the presets including HALion 6.
I searched on the installed App and no more HALION 6 but HALion 7.
So I tried to reinstall HALion 6 with the Steinberg Download Assistant. But HALion 6 still do not appear in the installed apps even when SDA tells me it is installed ?

HALion 7 replaced HALion 6. You cannot have the two on the same computer. If you really need HALion 6 then uninstall HALion 7 first before installing version 6.

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You should be able to retrieve the preset’s from which ever destination your presets were saved in and then load them via the VST again