where has orange "P" preview light gone?


I just updated to 5.5.4 and I feel like the orange P button in the track lane has disappeared. Am I wrongly remembering it was there before? It used to show me what tracks I had been tweaking parameters on in preview mode.

Weird. Or am I only thinking it used to be there? (on the whole track, not only with automation lanes visible).

It’s there. Check your track height is high enough and that you have those parameters visible via your track controls layout.

Thanks, but if it should be visible in the normal track (no automation lanes visible, because it does appear there) then I either have not selected it in track controls (cannot find it when I right-click and chose track controls though), I need an even larger desktop and nuendo window to ultimately blow up the track size or it is simply no longer there (at least here).

I AM correct though that it should be there with ‘W’, ‘R’, ‘e’ (for write, read, track mixer etc) and those symbols?
Also, I no longer find a way to select track control presets for recording, mixing, editing etc.
They used to be there though.

Hmm. Weird.

Depends on how much “content” you have made visible.
Right-clik / Track control settings.
There you can choose which buttons to be displayed for which type of track.


Still haven’t got this working :frowning: It appears in the individual automation LANES, but not on the channel track itself. All icons are available and no matter how far I enlarge the track content, nada :frowning:

Any more ideas?