Where Has VST Connections Gone?

Where has the VST Connections window gone in Cubase 9.5? You know the window that allowed you to edit your input, output, FX and external hardware busses. I looked in Studio Setup which is where I thought they might have moved it to but it’s not there as far as I can tell.

Ok I have found it - it is now called Audio Connections. A much more logical title but do you think they told you that this has now replaced VST Connections in the manual - no. I searched the entire 1070 page manual for VST Connections which is a core page and not one reference to it. A simple Audio Connections (Previously VST Connections in v9) would have been so helpful. This is what grates me the most about Cubase updates. They move things, change shortcuts, rename things, remove things but never tell you that. You are left to figure it out yourself or come and bug people on this forum. Steinberg it’s been like 30 years - when will you start putting yourself in your user’s shoes and think how your changes are going to impact people and try and minimise unnecessary disruption and confusion?

I just purchased Cubase Pro 10. (I have extensive experience with DIgital Performer and Pro Tools, so I’m not a newbie to DAWs.)

Steinberg’s documentation is a disaster, both for Cubase and VST Connect Pro, both the PDFs and the online manuals.

Considering Steinberg is part of the Yamaha behemoth, they should have the resources to update documentation. Perhaps they’re just too greedy.

OT, but for any other beginners who stumble on this thread, if you’re looking for the “Devices” menu, it’s apparently been replaced by the “Studio” menu.

Get it together, Steinberg!


Back in the day (e.g. up to Cubase 5) the printed manuals were amongst the best in the business. I still have mine on the shelf. Unfortunately it seems to be a chicken-or-egg situation … many of the posts I answer here are just pointing to the documentation, which apparently nobody reads anymore, so why bother producing any?

Setting up your system

There used to be a very good “Getting started” PDF but that seems to have disappeared.