Where is Asio?

Using UR22 mkII. Uninstalled and reinstalled Windows driver. When I open Yamaha Steinberg USB driver, I do not see the Asio controls for which channels are active, etc.
My functional problem is that Input 2 is heard at the phones of interface, but not coming out the USB. I thought maybe I need to get it turned on via Asio controls.
Thanks for correcting my ignorance, if possible.

Press F4 to open the Audio Connections window, and setup your Input Buses as instructed by 13 of the manual:

Romantique_Tp - Thank you very much for the reply.
I realize now, this is a specific app problem, i.e. MS Teams.
If I listen in a generic audio editing app, I can hear both inputs. Only Teams cannot hear the 2nd one.
If you happen to have any idea how to approach, that would be great.
Thank you again.