Where is Control Room mixer?


I am reading my CC121 manual. On page 19, it has a pictures of Control Room mixer. Where can I find it please? I guess it is now showing as a tab in the right zone and GUI is designed.


Studio Control:
Adjusts the studio level of the Control Room mixer. You can select the desired studio (created on the VST Connections window) of the Control Room by press- ing one of the FUNCTION [1] - [4] buttons then adjust the output level by rotating the [VALUE] knob. Press- ing the [VALUE] knob will turn the Studio on or off.

that picture is from a pretty old version of cubase - current control room looks very different but CC121 works the same

Oh yes, those were the days when the control room mixer was handy and obvious to use. They sacrificed this well done design obviously to get closer to the “single window GUI” and press the control room mixer into the right zone. The control room GUI is currently one of the worst parts of cubase GUI-wise.

It took me a while to get used to it. They could have left the old style another MixDown, option.

I very much agree, chitkin.

I generally think that the “single window” concept is not ok if implemented in a way that does not allow to undock EACH AND EVERY “zone-content” into a separate window of its own. Currently this is not the case, some things are limited to being opened in the lower zone.
For the CR it is different - there IS a separate CR-window available, but the mixer is more than strange and compromised by the zone-idea.