Where is Cubase 11 Full Install?

Can anyone explain why in the current Download Assistant there is a 'Cubase Pro 11 and a 'Cubase Pro 11 Update both of which are 554.18MB?

Where is the ‘FULL install’ that is menat to be used on a fresh copy of windows with no pre-existing copy installed, anyone else confused?


Steinberg have changed a number of things in the way this update is delivered. I you click the version and edition you’ve purchased in the left-hand pane of the Download Assistant, you’ll see all the relevant components listed in the right-hand pane. There’s not a single, massive download this time (which is great for people without always-on unmetered internet access) so you can download the bits you need. For example, if you don’t do EDM, you might choose not to download some of the Content Sets.

To get the equivalent of a “full install”, just click the “Cubase Pro 11” icon on the left and download all the items listed on the right.

It’s explained in the “Read Me” document and in the video here.

Thanks for explaining MrSoundman, that makes sence.

Is there away to then batch the running of all the install files or do you have to go through them 1 by 1?

I Just ticked the lot and left it to download over night

Downloading the files is not the issue, it is having to install each and every one separately instead of a complete installer. It is a PIA

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Just waiting for my new windows 10 pc to arrive as have been forced into this by lack of support for windows 7.

Will have to do complete install from which version?

Any idea anyone.

elicenser already has Cubase 11 authorised.


If the vstsounds are in one folder, double-clicking one and the importing with library-manager imports all of them.