Where is cubase 12?

Everybody is talking about it but I cannot find the place to buy it!

Wait a few hours. It’s not official yet. Maybe install the Download assistant while you wait.

The Steinberg-Team needs some time to update their Website with all dependencies that belong to a new Cubase version.

its availiable in the download assistent but you cant buy it until now.

The problem is that cubase 11 doesn’t work anymore! My license has dissapeard and I didn’t did any upgrades! it just stopped working!

Then you already have the Download assistant…right?

Say, are you that famous Footballer?

I have everything bro and since yesterday I worked without any problem. This morning I open cubase to finish some projects and I got the “no license found” message. As usual, we need to have problems if Steinberg does upgrades.

Are you under the grace period for Cubase?

No. I am a normal user of cubase 11 pro since it’s release date