Where is "cubase.log"?

In the old days, in the event of a crash we could check a file called “cubase.log” in the program folder. Nowadays I’m running Windows 7x64, and even though I’ve only had one crash so far with Cubase 6, I’m wondering whether the “cubase.log” is still in use, because none was created for that one crash.

Now, if you run Cubase with administrative privileges there should be no problem creating this file, but in these security-conscious days nobody should need to be doing this any more, which means that if you are running Cubase 6 as what Microsoft call a “limited user” (i.e. as a non-Administrator), then you have no access to create files in the Cubase 6 program folder (“C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6”).

I’ve only been able to find one reference to this in the old forum:
cubase.log not created for standard user accounts
I’ve followed the suggestion there and created a blank cubase.log text file with the suggested permissions. I’m just wondering has anyone found a cubase.log file in their Cubase 6 folder yet?

Perhaps a kindly Steinberg developer could comment?

… or a mod?

They’ve moved! Try here:


Well spotted! I found an old C5 “log” dumped there :laughing:

Does someone know this path for Mac OS 10.6?

I need this for MacOS X, please.

Just needed to search 'Console" in the Spotlit search. Thank you.