Where is Cubase Pro 9.5 ugrade from Artist ?

Just bought the upgrade to Cubase Pro 9.5 from artist, taking advantage of the August 2018 promo.
The issue is : Where can I download the upgrade bits only ? From the Steinberg download assistant, I only have the Full download option.
Any Tip ?


if you originally installed Artist 9.5 using the full installer, you only need to activate the license upgrade.
The two versions, Artist and Pro, use a unified installer: the license will dictate which version will open and which features/content are available.

As soon as you activate the license, just start Cubase, you should see a the black ‘Pro’ splash screen instead of the white ‘Artist’ one.

Works like a charm! Thank you.
If I may, I still have on my PC other versions of Cubase : Cubase 9, also Cubase LE AI Elements V8 and V9. Can I desinstall them from the Windows App & Features menu ?

Sure you can uninstall them, just make sure to uninstall the application only, as the content is shared.
I normally recommend to keep the previous version(s) for a while in order to check that all is working fine, but if Artist 9.5 was working fine, Pro 9.5 will be just the same.

Thank you Fabio.
Appreciate the quick answers!