Where is everything saved locally and globally? [solved ...]

Lots of new features has been added in the last couple of Cubase versions.
Some of the settings of these features if applicable are saved globally with the program so it’s available in every project until you change them again.
Some of the settings are stored per Project.

So is there a list or something were you can see all settings (new AND old) and how they are stored?
It would save me a handful of hours spread out over a few days and I would still only catch 2/3 of them in the end.
IIRC there used to be a much longer list in earlier version of the RTFM pamphlet?
It would be very convenient to have an updated such list.

I have that 2 page list that you probably have which is based on the preferences at C>users>user name>app data>roaming>steinberg> (application)…where the list sort of explains most everything. But as far as what gets saved globally vs. project, it’s incomplete. And thanks a lot, I can’t even find that at the moment. :roll_eyes:

Color setup is saved with the project file.
Crossfade presets, quantize presets, tool bar presets, track control presets, transport panel presets, vst connections presets, zoom presets, are all stored at Presets>RAMPresets. These are saved I believe when you exit Cubase.

Configurations are not saved with the project unless they are used.

Is there a particular question or you were just looking for a comprehensive list?

Next you are going to ask for a comprehensive list of Key Modifiers, the combination ctr & alt functions, especially when working in the Key Edit Window… :grinning:

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Heeey! Nice!
I’ve got a little inspired and purged the info I need from older RTFMs. The newer they get the more sparse the info is. Maybe Steinberg have had enough of people poking around there making Cubase unresponsive and having customers complaining about unpredictable results (yeah, right … ) to not want to have to waste support hours on it so it’s invisible nowadays haha? If they want to make it visible they’re welcome to chime in in this little discussion? I think I have what I need! :sunglasses: