Where is exporting audio to Dorico Pro 3


Where is exporting audio to Dorico Pro 3?

Are you in Catalina? See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=163387&p=902530&hilit=Catalina#p875150

I use Mojave and really want to know: who stole exporting audio?

Try this thread then: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=167586

Only one other Mojave user seems to have reported this, whereas quite a few people on Catalina (beta) are suffering from this. No-one stole it; most of us still have it working fine.

Hello everyone and especially the Doriсo developers! Audio export, alas, is still not working. Will it ever be fixed? Mojave Operating System, Dorico Pro 3.

There has not been any update since Dorico Pro 3 is out (a month ago) but I imagine you already know that…
I think the team is working on all the hickups that Dorico 3 unveiled (I know that by reading this forum daily). You can be confident that as soon as the fix is there, you’ll benefit from it, as there’s no point for the team to leave you without a fully working program (especially on Mojave)

In the last week or so we have experienced a growing number of users running Mojave who are finding that audio export (and MusicXML export) is not available. We don’t yet know why this problem affects only some users on Mojave, or why it seems to have only just started to happen, but we have a way to work around the problem that we expect to make available by way of a small update in the next few days. Please be patient.

I wait and hope.

Hello, three weeks have passed from this post. I need to use the “Export audio” fonctionne on a weekly bases (one of the reasons I moved from Sibelius) and it disappeared after I upgraded to Catalina. Are there any news?
I bought Dorico 2 pro 6 months ago, no intentions to update anytime soon for Dorico 3. I saw a post that no update for Dorico 2 is planned, is it the case?

Dear Assaf,
The messages from the team were extremely clear before Dorico 3 was out: do not update to Catalina. Then Dorico 3 appeared (and many problems related to Catalina with it), and it has never been stated that Dorico 2 would ever work with Catalina…
You probably should try to downgrade to Mojave if your computer and Dorico are your professional tools.

Welcome to the forum, Assaf M. We do indeed have no plans to produce any further updates for Dorico 2 at this stage. No version of Dorico earlier than Dorico 3.0.10 is supported on Catalina.

Hi Daniel and Marc,
Thanks for the quick answer, even if it’s very problematic for me. At this point, if I buy the last version of Dorico, will it work properly ?

I changed from Sibelius after countless alerts that Sibelius 6 will not work on future OS. I’ve NEVER got an alert from Dorico saying that it won’t work on future OS - not before neither after I bought it.

It is so ironic that I tried to solved a problem and just dug myself a dipper hole, I’ll probably think twice before the next purchase of a Steinberg’s software (except now when I probably have no other choice). I used Sibelius 6 almost 10 years, Dorico 2 pro not even 6 months.

It’s not Steinberg’s fault that Apple don’t make compatibility between OS updates a high priority.

I can still run 15-year-old software (e.g. Sibelius 4) on Windows 10 with no problems at all, if I want to. Just saying :wink:

Those alerts you saw about Sibelius came from macOS itself, informing you that it’s a 32-bit app. Dorico has always been a 64-bit app, so it’s not subject to those macOS-provided alerts.

We always publish compatibility information on our web site as soon as we can. For Catalina, we published an advisory two weeks before Catalina was released, but you do have to come to the web site to look for this information: we typically don’t email all our customers about these kinds of advisories. A complete product support matrix will be available on the support pages of the site before the end of October: we couldn’t produce that any more quickly because we have a lot of products that have to be tested with the final public release of Catalina before we can issue the official notification.

Unfortunately there are a number of factors that make producing a further Dorico 2 update to add Catalina compatibility difficult. We believe it’s possible to address the specific problem that prevents audio export from appearing, but if we rebuild Dorico 2 now, we would also have to make it subject to all of the new security requirements for Catalina, including Hardened Runtime and Notarization. Supporting these new requirements required a number of changes to many components that make up Dorico and its audio engine, and we are not sure how much effort would be required to make this possible. Not only would it require a lot of effort from the small, core Dorico development team but it would also require work from our colleagues in other parts of Steinberg.

As far as we know, there is nobody who is forced to upgrade to Catalina: if users choose to upgrade their operating system, particularly to one that is as widely acknowledged to introduce new requirements for applications, then we hope that they are informing themselves of the impact of that choice on the software they rely upon.

Hello Doricoteam,

the statement that Dorico 2 doesn’t work under future versions of Apple, irritates me a lot.

I switched from Windows to Apple when using Dorico 2.

Before the change I wrote to Dorico support and asked if Dorico2 and Cubase10 are approved for future Apple versions.

The answer from Dorico support is:
Yes, Dorico and Cubase are fully usable for Apple also in the future.

Why is Apple Catalina always held responsible for mistakes in the forum?

On my MacBook Pro with Catalina all software runs fine, only Dorico is causing problems. Why?

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Hallo Doricoteam,

die Aussage das Dorico 2 nicht unter zukünftigen Versionen von Apple funktioniert, irritiert mich sehr.

Ich habe bei der Nutzung von Dorico 2 von Windows auf Apple umgestellt.

Vor der Umstellung habe ich den Doricosupport angeschrieben und fragte ob Dorico2 und Cubase10 für zukünftige Apple Versionen zugelassen sind.

Die Antwort vom Doricosupport ist:
Ja, Dorico und Cubase sind vollumfänglich für Apple auch in der Zukunft nutzbar.

Weshalb wird hier im Forum immer Apple Catalina für Fehler verantwortlich gemacht?

Auf meinen MacBook Pro mit Catalina läuft jede Software einwandfrei, nur Dorico macht Probleme. Warum nur?


Klaus, I just Googled “why does Catalina break everything”. I suggest you do the same. The results are illuminating, and Dorico 2 is not the exception, here. See https://www.gearnews.com/macos-catalina-will-break-most-of-your-music-apps-and-equipment-on-its-launch/ or https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2019/10/12/20908567/apple-macos-catalina-breaking-apps-32-bit-support-how-to-prepare-avoid-update for example.

Hello, Pianoleo,

in these reports it says that you should check if the software will work on future versions like Catalina!

That’s what I did, I asked Dorico support before the change, answer: Yes!

What am I supposed to do as a user?
I ask the software manufacturers and get a “YES”.

I’m sorry:
I wait until Dorico is ready to run for Catalina, the 30 year old finale works fine!


Hallo Pianoleo,

in diesen Berichten steht das man vorher klären soll ob die Software auf zukünftige Versionen wie Catalina funktionsfähig ist!

Das habe ich getan, ich habe vor der Umstellung den Doricosupport gefragt, Antwort: Ja!

Was soll ich denn als Anwender noch machen?
Ich Frage die Softwarehersteller und bekomme ein “JA”

ich warte so lange bis Dorico für Catalina lauffähig ist, das 30-Jahre alte Finale funktioniert einwandfrei!


At least according to what I’ve read, Finale 26 works on Catalina but Finale 25 doesn’t. I’m loathe to say anything about Sibelius because I’m seeing mixed advice, but my understanding is that any version older than 2018.11 definitely won’t run on Catalina.

Catalina changes a lot, and it’s quite possible that “Dorico support” hadn’t yet tested Dorico with Catalina at the point that you asked them the question.

The long and short of it is that Dorico 3.0.10 runs on Catalina already. Dorico 2 will never run on Catalina.

Even MakeMusic admits that Finale 26 is not fully compatible with Catalina.


Apple OS upgrades have frequently caused problems for music software, perhaps because their OS development is kept so secret and is prone to last-minute changes.

I am able to run Sibelius 7.1.3 on Catalina.