Where Is Groove Agent?

I’m new to Cubase, using 9.5. and wanted to starting learning Groove Agent. Unfortunately it has apparently not been installed with the main app, as it is not available as an instrument to add, nor is it in the Plug In Manager anywhere…was wondering if there is a way to download it and add it to Cubase, or just what might be going on.

Am on Mac High Sierra…


First, what version of Cubase do you have? Groove Agent SE (not Groove Agent) is included with most versions of CB 9.5 but, it is not included in CB LE 9.5. If is was installed properly, by default it would be found in the Drum folder.

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I have Cubase 9.5 Pro full version…no drum folder …I guess I could reinstall the application after downloading but want to make sure I could still access my prefs (key commands, etc) the way I have them without them getting overwritten…

Yea… if you can’t find Groove Agent SE listed in the Cubase>Studio>VST Plug-in Manager menu (VST Instruments folder) then yes I would reinstall. I would copy your user preference folders to the desktop just in case it overwrites them and you need to restore. Fun fun fun…Not! Good luck :wink:


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