Where is Groove Agent

After instaling Cubase 8 when I open older files I get a message saying ‘Groove Agent ONe cannot be found’.

Could somebody tel me please how to get Cubase 8 to recognise older projects with GA1?

As far as I remember it is as simple as pasting a dll file into a folder but which folder?

I should also ask for the record why Steinberg does not allow c8 to recognise older plugins.

Also who my earlier post was censored even if it was was to the worng forum? I thought such a problem would be an ‘issue’. Even if it was not why could not the moderator just post into what forum the moderoatr thought was apporpriate, especially when it is not clear in the first place? Aah. no worries. Just asking? :slight_smile:

C8 doesn’t install GA1 by default, but you can anyways; look in the install package for the Groove Agent One.msi.


Thank you for your reply.

After following the instructions we open the project but no Groove Agent ONE just Groove Agent SE.

That would mean that every time we would want to open a pre-existing project we would need to reprogram the drum tracks, finding a suitable kit, including all instances, and vdo a complete mixdwon on the new kit. This is inconvenient to say the least.

Does anybody have the real answer apart from the one that Steinberg publish and which does not seem to work? :confused:

Did you install by clicking on the Groove Agent One.msi? It’s located in unpacked files from your c8 install. It works - that’s how I installed it (it’s an .msi file…you have to click on it).

Thank you for your reply.

Yes I did try to install as you suggested thank you.

Groove Agent One was already installed. I have been using Cubase for fifteen years or more so have several previous versions already installed.

Thank you both for replying. I have restarted the computer and Cubase now recognises Grove Agent One in some older projects although confusingly the ones that I opened prior to reinstalling Groove Agent ONE are connecting to Groove Agent SE.

You know I really have to ask why these briliant software people do not think about the consequences of updating software from a customer perspective.

If the older plugins no longer work they could say

They could always issue a notice saying it might be best to use Cubase 7 or cubase 6 to open projects made in those versions.

Or when opening an older project created in an earlier version to immediately save as a new project in case the older plugins do not work. Ho ho. :slight_smile: Why am I a musician not a softwaredeveloper??? No problem. Just asking. :slight_smile:

Yeah - I thought it was kind of weird to drop GA One from a default install - but then give you the installer to use anyway, without making a bigger announcement (it was mentioned, but only some out-of-the-way kb article you’d be unlikely to notice) Especially since there’s a whole bunch of very good sound content the comes with Cubase which can only be accessed with Groove Agent One - if it worked with GA4 SE, I wouldn’t have had to install GA One, actually.

I installed ONE and have had no issue with old projects. Does it show up in you available instrument list in a new C8 project? If it doesn’t, I would go into the plugin manager and make sure it’s listed in the available instrument list and in the plugin list.

As for why it’s not installed by default, it’s more so it doesn’t confuse new users. Steinberg are obviously replaying ONE with SE going forward. So if you’re a new user you will start using the latest tool. It was pretty clear from the release notes that ONE installer was provided for legacy compatibility.