Where is located the main output record?

I want to make a print to a Layer (drum track) to save CPU, I know that Freeze and Flat are not possible yet, But if I know where is located the main output I can record soloing the Master track

You can route your Instruments’ output to a virtual audio cable, say, Virtual Audio Out 3+4. First, create an OUT channel in the Mixer which sends to VA 3+4 (“VA” here) and rout the Instrument output there.
Then create an audio track and set its input to Virtual Audio In 3+4. Now you can record the Instrument. Enable Track Monitor to hear it while recording as you would with other audio signals.


There is also a “Record MAIN” feature, you’ll find it at the bottom to the very right, and also in the MAIN channel in the Mixer. This simply records the MAIN channel as is, until you stop it. Note this always records, regardless of the Transport Play state, also great for capturing ideas etc.



Amazing, thank you so much I didn`t know how to route with Virtual Cable, I did with “Record Main”