Where is my survey?

Wanted to take part in that survey mentioned at the top of every forum here :slight_smile:

But when I click on the link - I go here:


C’mon guys…you wonder why you take so much heat?

Unless there is a survey ON the Cubase downloads page?


yep, same here.


And here.



…but why do they want to know which mobile device I use…this looks like we’re getting lots of “makeyourownhitonyourhandywithloopmashandsequel”-pro-apps in future…

Don’t misunderestimate the iPhones, this could actually be good news. According to the latest rumours they build a MADI interface with integrated UAD3/Quad with zero latency for the iPhone, just after Nuendo 6 arrives (which will run on the iOS then). The downside is that it will probably cost 19,99 USD.

Yeah… It would help if the link worked…

Thanks. Done…!

I don’t own any mobile devices. Actually, I do have a phone, but it’s a Nokia from 2002, and it only makes and receives phone calls. Unless I want to play Snake, of course. :wink:

However, when Windows 8 is released I may well get a tablet PC, because it would be very handy to be able to run Sibelius and just prop the tablet up on a music stand. Laptops are not good for this, and another monitor is not something that I want in the studio.

Until then though…